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With a background in early childhood education combined with experience as an improvisational actor and facilitator with The Second City, Tamara enjoys engaging audiences, both young and old, to inspire their imaginations and deepen their understanding of the world.

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in Early Childhood Education from Boston College, Tamara spent summers directing a small preschool in Pennsylvania which was founded by her grandfather. It was there that she developed a love for teaching and learning.


From 2003 -2013 she led Bubbles Academy and its team of 30 educators in designing and implementing class curriculums, after-school programsinteractive multimedia experiences, themed birthday parties, operational systems and hiring practices. For four years she serve as the Director of Education and Curriculum Development for Kidville, an international franchise company specializing in pre-preschool programming. 


Tamara has her MBA from Kellogg School of Management focusing on Management, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. She is a self-starter, a master collaborator, and loves being the first to tackle large challenges. When she is not creating family programming she is speaking around the world to business leaders on how to foster collaborative and inclusive teams.


Her interests include community choral experiences, video shorts, sketch and improv comedy, organizing contests and games, and the occasional group fitness class.                                                                        

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