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Armed with over a decade of experience managing teams, and building culture, coupled with an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, I reflect and speak on leadership and best practices for managing inspired and creative and engaged teams.


Using the tenets of improvisation coupled with the fundamentals of human development, I help individuals and organizations to improve listening, teamwork, storytelling, public speaking, and creativity. As designer and workshop facilitator with Second City Works, Business Improv, and my learning and development consultancy Improv Creatives, I have worked with fortune 500 companies around the world in a quest to help humans be more human in the workplace.


Keynote Addresses: 



Building Your Team Culture with a "Yes, And" Mindset


From Babies to Board Rooms: It's all the Same!


An Improvisational look at Educational Leadership



Workshops Include: 


Harnessing the Power of "Yes, And"


Bring your Boss to School Day


Innovation 101


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