The Caption Contest 

In 2013, I posted a picture to Facebook and asked my friends to comment with funny captions. 140 images later, three live shows, and two video series later we became a community of over 400 people eagerly waiting the weekly posts, all in a quest to make each other laugh.


Though the series is over the archive of the project lives on in both the FACEBOOK GROUP and the blog.


Here are the 140 images with their winning captions:

Caption Contest Video Series​

Less then a year into the Caption Contest, I began a series called WinnerViews where I interviewed the winners of the contest and challenged them to a second game. 

That inspired a series called ViewerViews where I watched frequent players read the captions and cast their votes. ​

And along the way picked up a few additional entertaining videos.​

Enjoy this playlist of all the Caption Contest Videos:

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