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At Improv Creatives, we use the tenets of improvisation to help organizations improve their employee training, capture their audience while delivering on spontaneous joy and impactful messaging.


Improv Creatives leverages a network of comedians and improvisers from around the United States to activate engaging and memorable moments of learning for your company. 



Clapping Audience


Improvisers are trained to THINK DIFFERENTLY. After exposure, practice, and repetition, we believe that an improvisational mindset can help anyone- doctors, engineer, teachers, salespeople- think differently as well! In improvisation, we obey a rule of agreement and teamwork called “yes, and.” By the end of your workshop with Improv Creatives, your team will understand how to implement the power of “yes, and” to improve communication, confidence, and creativity.

Stage Curtains


Improv Creatives has access to the vast pipeline of creative talent in NYC, Chicago, and LA and can find you the ultimate team of creatives for any event! Looking for an emcee for your gala? Need a group of outgoing and funny actors for a promotional event? Need a sketch writer to put together a custom comedy show for your year-end conference, and professional sketch actors to execute it? Want to have a fun improv show for your holiday celebrations? We have you covered!

Video Editing


We can help support our in-person training with online learning through custom video content creation, online course development, and professionally designed course material. Our experienced digital producers will work with your organization to scope out your needs and create a one of a kind program tailored to your organization's needs.


Don't know what you need, let us help you!


 Our learning and development team are business professionals with a decade or more of experience in comedic performance, improvisational instruction and corporate training on the Fortune 100 level. Because every facilitator has worked in the business world and the improv world, they understand real-life workplace challenges and know first hand how improvisational principles can help.


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